CSG Facts


CSG Facts

Gas is considered to be a “clean transition fuel” because it burns more cleanly than other fossil fuels, hence it has a significant role to play globally in supporting the pathway to net zero. Whilst gas will play an important role in power generation for many years to come, it has many more beneficial uses and the role of gas is critical to supporting strong economies and communities.

Meet growing energy demand

locally and internationally.

Provide heating & cooking gas

for homes and businesses.

Support local industry

gas is used as feedstock for critical industries such as chemicals, fertiliser, glass manufacture, brickwork and plastics.

Provide gas-fired power generation (GPG)

stabilise the national electricity market as coal-fired plants retire and renewable electricity grows.

Support the mining industry

with power generation, and potentially displacing diesel usage with lower carbon alternatives.

Lower emission

natural gas is less emission-intensive than other fossil fuels.

Improve air quality

gas has negligible particulate and sulphur oxide emissions, and low nitrogen oxide emissions.

Provide revenue and jobs

company taxes, royalties and regional economic activity.

APPEA: The Voice of Australia’s Oil and Gas Industry

Link to APPEA
Industry site containing a dedicated coal seam gas section which provides information on the following topics:

      • About CSG
      • Industry Facts
      • You and CSG
      • Key Issues

BRIGHTER: Natural Gas. Naturally Part of Everyday

Link to Brighter
Brighter is all about natural gas and how we use it every day. As a naturally occurring and abundant resource, it will continue to play an important role in powering Australian homes and businesses. Brighter is an initiative of APPEA, the voice of the Australian oil and gas industry.

QLD Govt: Coal Seam Gas and Liquefied Natural Gas Industry

Link to QLD Govt: CSG – LNG
Government website providing information on many CSG specific topics, including the following:

      • Facts sheets and FAQs
      • Regulatory framework for CSG – LNG industry
      • CSG – LNG industry best practice
      • Water and environmental management in the CSG – LNG industry

DES: QLD Department of Environment and Science

Link to DES
Government website providing information on many CSG specific topics, including the following:

      • Community and Landholder issues
      • Coal seam gas water
      • Fracture stimulation process and chemicals used
      • The environment and environmental approvals

GISERA: Gas Industry Social & Environment Research Alliance

Link to GISERA
Research body founded by CSIRO and APLNG to research the socio-economic and environmental impacts of the natural gas industry, including:

      • Surface and groundwater
      • Agricultural land management
      • Terrestrial biodiversity
      • Marine environment
      • Socio-economic impacts and opportunities


Link to UQ
The UQ Centre for Natural Gas is a centre of research excellence. It conducts real-world research focussed on optimising Australia’s natural gas industry terms of environmental performance, social performance, and optimisation of cost of operation and supply.


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