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Mahalo North Environmental Authority (PL 1128) Application. 


The Mahalo North Project (the project) involves a greenfield coal seam gas (CSG) development approximately 45 km north of Rolleston and 70 km southeast of Emerald, within the Central Highlands Regional Council Local Government Area of Central Queensland. The project is contained within Petroleum Lease (PL) 1128 application and covers an area of 14,000 hectares. The project’s life span is estimated to be 30 years and will supply the domestic Australian gas market. 

The project includes the following key components:

    • 68 CSG wells (using a combination of vertical and lateral wells)
    • Gas and water gathering pipelines
    • Gas compression facility
    • New access tracks, with existing tracks used where possible
    • Water management infrastructure

On 20 October 2023, a site-specific environmental authority (EA) application was submitted for the project to the Department of Environment, Science and Innovation (DESI), which is the administering authority of the EA application. The following documents were submitted as part of the EA application.

Information request
On 31st Jan 2024, Comet Ridge received an information request from DESI. This information request and Comet Ridge’s response (the information request response) is available further down this page, or by clicking this link.


    Public Notification Notice (includes details on how to make a submission on this application)

    Environmental Authority – Application Form

    Environmental Authority Supporting Information Report

    Appendix A – Pre-Lodgement Advice from DES

    Appendix B – Water Management Plan

    Appendix C – Groundwater Impact Assessment Report

    Appendix D – Ecological Assessment Report

    Appendix E – Aquatic Values Assessment

    Appendix F – Desktop Assessment

    Appendix G – Air Quality Assessment

    Appendix H – Noise Impact Assessment

    Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Assessment

Figures associated with the application documents and appendices can also be found here:-

   Figure 1 – Project location

   Figure 2 – Land tenure

   Figure 3 – Project infrastructure layout

    Figure 5 – Mapped site topography

    Figure 6 – Mapped soil types

    Figure 7 – Mapped areas of regional interest

    Figure 8 – Mapped surface geology

    Figure 9 – Solid geology

    Figure 10 – Mapped land use

    Figure 11 – Mapped wetlands

    Figure 12 – Mapped regional ecosystems and essential habitat

    Figure 13 – Mapped groundwater dependent ecosystems

    Figure 14 – Mapped environmentally sensitive areas

    Figure 15 – Flora database records within 50km of the project area

    Figure 16 – Fauna database records within 50km of the project area

    Figure 17 – Ground-truthed regional ecosystems

    Figure 18 – Ground-truthed gilgai habitat

    Figure 19 – Mapped Queensland waterways for waterway barrier works under Fisheries Act 1994

    Figure 20 – Mapped watercourses under Water Act 2000

    Figure 25 – Sensitive receptors

    Figure 27 – Registered groundwater bores and water licenses


Mahalo North Environmental Authority Application – Information Request


Mahalo North Environmental Authority Application information request notice and Comet Ridge’s response documents:

    Mahalo North Environmental Authority Application – Information Request Notice



   Responses to Mahalo North Pty Ltd A-EA-NEW-100521948 information request

    Appendix A – Draft Environmental Management Plan

    Appendix B – Progressing Mahalo Gas Hub Development

    Appendix C – Terrestrial Ecological Assessment Report

    Appendix D – Noise Report

    Appendix E – Air Report


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